Poor sleep ''early warning sign'' for drinkIng and drug issues

     Scientists found that teens with bad sleep habits were more likely to participate in risky behavior in the years to come, than those who slept properly. They say you should have a good night sleep or you or your children could have possible problems with alcohol and drugs; along with an overall poor judgment capability.  If you were to have a "sleep schedule" then this could possibly be prevented by you having your body in a routine so that you can fall asleep at a said point of time. Teenagers who reported trouble going to sleep at least once a week were more likely to be binge drinking, engaging in sexual behavior, that they later regretted when drunk, or take illegal drugs in the years to come.

     I strongly agree with this article due to the fact that sleep is a very important physical need that is required by every person. Physical needs that are deprived can just be a ticking time bomb for mental insatiability as well as poor decision making. Drugs and alcohol come into play when sleep is deprived because of the bodies little satisfaction toward a very important physical need. The body then responds to lack of a need by making decisions it usually would not, such as doing substances that the mental state knows are harmful and dangerous. This article I strongly agree with because the body has little capability of handling mental decisions when an important need in everyday life is slowly deprived.


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