Frigid Warmth

Gourmet Ice Cream and Tea

My business is Frigid Warmth and we make and sell gourmet ice cream and tea. We abide by our foundation of sticking to the impossible.


To make each cup of tea it will cost $0.50. To make each scoop of gourmet ice cream(2.5 ounces) it will cost $0.30. I will sell each cup of tea for $3.00 and each scoop of gourmet ice cream for $2.00.


I will not be able to make more than 900 cups of tea and no more than 1000 scoops of ice cream. I can not spend more than $850 a month. I can not spend more then $7500 on producing one product.

Restriction Inequalities

                                x=# of cups of tea             y= # of scoops of gourmet ice cream

x≥0      x≤900

 y≥0     y≤1000

0.50x + 0.30y ≤ 850



Cost and Sell Inequalities

Cost= 0.50x + 0.30y

Sell= 3x + 2y

Profit= sell-cost

Profit= (3x-.50x)+(2y-0.30y)

Profit= 3x+1.70y

Maximize My Profits

(0,1000)  P= 3(0)+1.70(1000); P=1700

(900,1000) P=3(900)+1.70(1000); P=4400

(900,0) P=3(900)+1.70(0); P=2700

I will maximize my profits by selling 900 cups of tea and 1000 scoops of gourmet ice cream.

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