A Dream Come True

If you didn't know, I'm a fan of One Direction and since 2013 I had told my mom they would be coming to El Paso on September 19 2014. The day I found out they would be coming I couldn't wait to tell my mom, so the minute I walked through the door all enthusiastic I told my mom "Guess what" "What?" "One Direction is coming to El Paso!", and she replied "Would you like to go?" I replied "YES!" "If I can afford the ticket how much would it cost and lets see if I can afford to buy it when the time comes by. So I told my mom everything she needed to know and I went to my room hoping she could buy me a ticket.

Literally this is how excited I was!!!!! http://flickr.com

During the next several weeks, I kept on asking my mom if she had already bought the ticket but every time she answered "I still cant afford it". As you guys know time fly's by so one week before the concert I knew I wasn't going to the concert because tickets were already sold out. Finally September 19 came. I woke up that day all gloomy ready to go to school. During school time, all I could think of was about how the one day that One Direction was coming to crappy El Paso I would be at home doing nothing. So when I got home I was ready to get into my pajamas, but my brother told me to get ready because were going to go out and eat. I got out of my school uniform put on some pants and a nice t-shirt and while I was changing I heard my brother remind himself "I need to take my medicine because I don't want to coughing during the concert." And I asked him "What concert?", he replied " You must be going crazy because I said I needed to talk to Sergio." As soon as he said that I said to myself "Fernanda you're making up what you want to hear" you are NOT going to the One Direction concert.

This is how I felt and probably how I looked. http://raspberrysprinkles.blogspot.com

My mom finally came for me and my brother we got into the car and we drove away. while we were on the freeway there was this big traffic and I knew it was because of the One Direction concert and I thought to myself "why are we here?" "So I asked my mom and she said "Well this is the way to my work and we are going to go eat with my boss.", and because I'm  gullible I believed her.So I must have fallen asleep because I woke up and we were barely entering Utep and I was confused to I asked my mom "What are we doing here?", and then my mom, brother, and sister all yelled "Surprise!" just as my mom put a ticket in front of my face. And if you are wondering what my reaction was there are pictures below showing you and a picture of my ticket.

After I finished crying, I asked my mom how she got them and she said " Mrs. Rivas (her boss) gave them to me". So I called Mrs. Rivas and thanked because she is the reason why I got to go in the first place. Below a map where my mom works at.

My mom, sister and I got out of the car and got into the stadium, while my brother went to go park the car. As soon as I entered I my heart started beating so hard that I swear it would actually pop out of my chest. Then we went to find our seats, and as I was sitting there I was getting anxious and desperate by the minute for the concert to start. So when it finally did I swear my heart popped out of my chest because of the excitement. For the rest of the night I poured my soul out by screaming to the top of my lungs and singing. When it ended I was bummed because I didn't want it to end I just wanted it to keep on going forever but of course that is impossible. Below is a video of One Direction performing You and I.

This is where they performed.

Also at the One Direction concert I met another band I had not heard of named Five Seconds of Summer and below is an audio of the song they are known for (She Looks So Perfect).

Just in case you want to get anything.

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