The Glass Castle



Throughout this book the characters constantly show loyalty to each other. This means that no matter what happens, the characters are always there for each other. Staying loyal to each other is what keeps the family together no matter how tough times are. We see this specifically when the father feels that no one believes in him anymore, but Jeannette tells him she still does and comforts him.


Forgiveness is accepting the fact that what has happened already can't be changed and moving on. In this book the characters make a lot of foolish mistakes that make others upset. While they could remain upset at each other, they instead quickly forgive each other which allows the family to maintain a good relationship. One specific example of forgiveness is at the end of the book when Jeannette is an adult and is ashamed of her mom. Her mom was upset to hear this, but she quickly forgave Jeannette and explained why she shouldn't be ashamed of her own mother.



In the beginning of this book Jeannette describes her childhood. She starts with the time that she was cooking hot dogs and was burned badly. Her parents took her to the hospital and when she was okay they took her and ran out of the hospital.

Rising Action

Throughout the book the family is constantly moving and has many problems. They start in Arizona but then move to Las Vegas. While staying in Las Vegas, people discover Rex is cheating at Black Jack so they move again.

From Las Vegas the family moves to San Francisco and they move again to Midland where they live in the dessert. Then the family moves to Blythe and Jeannette is enrolled in school.

From Blythe they move to Battle Mountain. While in Battle Mountain Rex gets a job and the family lives a fairly normal life. Rex comes up with his plan on how he will find gold and build "the glass castle" Then Rex lost his job and things got tougher. Jeannette was also almost raped by a neighbor named Billy.

After Battle Mountain they shortly lived with their grandma in Phoenix. They Then move to Welch to live with Rex's parents but their time there is terrible. Eventually the whole family moves to New York. While in New York, Rex, Rose Mary, and Maureen are homeless and become squatters.


The climax of this book is when Maureen and her mother are arguing and Maureen stabs her. Maureen is arrested and has to go to a mental hospital.

Falling action

After Maureen gets out of the hospital, she moves to California without telling her family goodbye. After Maureen moves the family isn't as close as they once were and they barely speak to each other. Rex also dies soon after.


Five years later the family all meet up for Thanksgiving. Rose Mary tells everyone that she and the other squatters were buying the apartment for 1 dollar a piece. They then toast to Rex for never letting their lives be boring.


Jeannette Walls

Jeannette is the main character in this book and the book is about her life. She is motivated by how bad her life was as a kid and this inspires her to work hard to get better than what she grew up with.

Rex Walls

Rex is Jeannette's father in this book. He is mainly motivated by Alcohol and money. He is an alcoholic and often leaves for periods of time. Rex tries to support for his family but he can't keep a job and his addiction to alcohol does not help them financially.

Rose Mary Walls

Rose Mary is the mother of the family in this book. She is very selfish and only thinks of what is best for her. She is motivated by her dream of becoming an artist. Her selfishness often lead to the problems of her family.


                     This is where the story begins and is also where Jeannette is born.

This is where the family lived for a period of time. While living here they stayed in an abandoned train station

The family lived with their grandmother for a period of time here, and everything went pretty well while they where here.

             The family lived here with Rex's parents and it was a complete disastor.

                             This is where the story ends and where Jeannette lives.


“You should never hate anyone, even your worst enemies. Everyone has something good about them. You have to find the redeeming quality and love the person for that.”              -Jeannette                  

This quote is important because it shows how mature Jeannette is and it shows her true character.

“If you don't want to sink, you better figure out how to swim” -Rex Walls

This quote is important because it made Jeannette stronger. It helped fer learn to swim and realize that if you try, then everything will be fine.

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