Art Career Project by Kara Wells

Though there is not a set requirement of education a photographer must have, taking classes in photography is helpful in building a polished portfolio and opens up more job opportunities.

A photographer takes pictures of any and all things, in new and interesting ways. Some photographers specialize in taking pictures of certain things, such as places, food, people, or animals.

A photographer mainly works with a camera, usually a high quality camera with multiple lenses. They also work with other camera-related equipment and photo-editing programs like Photoshop.

A photographer can work for a variety of corporations or companies that require photos, like a magazine or a travel agency. A photographer can also be self employed, and lend their services for hire.

The median salary for a photographer in the U.S. is $55,009, meaning 50% of photographers are expected to make less than that. However a photographer can make up to $73,352 or more.

Adrienne Pitts found interest in photography at age 16, and studied Photography and Design in her senior high school years. She completed a Bachelor of Design from Massey University in Chile, and moved on to continue her career in photography.

She is currently an award-winning Art Director for London's Jamie Oliver magazine.

Photos by Adrienne Pitts

Photographer Robert Corpuz had always enjoyed photography and taking pictures, and found inspiration in the infamous photo Afghan Girl. He majored in English Literature and minored in Philosophy, then moved on to pursue his career in photography.

Photo by Robert Corpuz


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