by: Hailey Collins

Have you ever thought about exercising? Well if you have, this tackk has all the information you need to start exercising. Like stretching, small exercises, sports and food you eat.

Everybody should have daily exercises to keep healthy. In this tackk you will learn about stretching, small exercises, sports and food you eat.

Stretching doesn’t take that long to do. Some ways to stretch is to bring your fingers to your toes and hold it for ten seconds. Or you can do the same thing but individual leg stretches for ten seconds. You could also do the butterfly stretch which is where you form your legs into a butterfly shape and hold it for ten seconds. Stretching is very important, before every exercise or a sport always stretch, because if you don’t you might get hurt.

Small Exercises
Small exercises are actually pretty important. Here are some exercise for you to start with, start out with five pushups, then go to ten and just keep going up by fives. You can also do the same thing but with sit-ups. You can even do ten jumping jacks a day. There is a lot more, so don’t forget to check those out too.

There are millions of sports in the world you can try. Such as the following, soccer basketball football and cheer. But that’s only a few sports. You can play all kinds of sports around the world or just in your backyard.

Food you eat
The food you eat is a big part of exercising. If you eat too much junk food, how do you expect to get healthy? Well, here’s an idea, healthy foods and exercise. If you want to get healthy you need to eat fruits and vegetables.

As you can see exercise is a big part of being healthy. If you don’t exercise how will you be healthy? Think about it.

Exercise : Noun an active movement of the body in order to make it stronger Health: Noun being free from sickness

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