Old Spice- The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

This campaign was launched in 2009 to increase overall sales, increase their brand awareness, and also to boost them to become the leader in their industry. The company knew that men used their spouse/girlfriend's body wash so they wanted to reach out to these people and get their sales.

Target the Customers

These commercials accomplished reaching the target market because although they were directed at women, and speaking to them, the ads were funny and appealed to men.

Dominating Social Media

These commercials while popular on television, reached many people through the internet. All of the ads were posted on Old Spice's youtube account and still receive many views everyday. The biggest twist the company did with social media was its twitter response video campaign. Fans would ask questions to the Old Spice twitter account and "the man your man could smell like" would respond. These response videos would get many views and overall people would be thinking about the brand and the awareness increased.  

Becoming Number One

This graph compares Old Spice to its two biggest competitors, Axe and Right Guard. These have been three of leaders in males' body wash for many years. During Old Spice's "the man your man could smell like" campaign, it really boosted them to become the leader. This graph shows that two years later, Old Spice's competitors are no where near them in the running.

Old Spice's "The man your man could smell like" campaign really separated them from the rest of the industry. Not only did it boost them to the top, their overall brand awareness went up along with their sales.

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