The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp
by Kathi Appelt
book report by Grace Mathews

Basic Infomation

The author is Kathi Appelt.

I could not find who the illustrator was.

The genre is Fantasy because the story includes talking animals and the giant sugar man.

The theme is treat others the way you want to be treated because Soney boy treated Chap badly and then Soney boy had something bad happen to him.


-Chap human

-Chap's mother human

-Soney boy human

-Jager Stich human

-Bingo raccoon

-J'amiah raccoon

-Sugar Man beast

Other Information

The protagonist is Chap and the antagonist is Soney boy and Jager Stich.

The Main Character is Chap and he is determined, brave, confident, and manly.

The main setting is the swamp and it is wetland, hidden, diverse, and cozy.

Plot Development

Man vs Man

Man vs Nature


I recommended this book to people who like stories with animals and nature. It would be great if you read the book when you were nine to fifteen years old.


Bingo and J'amiah are two racoons that live in in Sugar Man Swamp. Soney Boy is trying to ruin the swamp with a famous resler- Jager Stich. Jager Stich doesn't get why the swamp is important, and wants to build a theme park in it. The park will have a 200 square meter parking lot, but the arena itself will only be100 feet. Chap works in a pie palace with his mother, and he will need a boat load of cash if he wants to keep his restaurant in the sugar man swamp. If he can't get boat load of cash than he will need evidence that the sugar man is real. Bingo and J'amiah need to wake up the sugar man because a group of 17 hogs was coming to get sugar cane, but they were going to  trample the swamp in the proses. Soney boy comes to the paradise pies cafe and sees that the boat is tiny and not all the way full. He laughs and tries to get sugar cane but the rattle snakes attack him and he flees. The hogs are coming and the sugar man is out to get them. He is a mix of every creature in the swamp, and he is huge. He grabs the hogs and throws them. Later Chap realizes that he has no evidence of the sugar man. He goes outside and sees a foot print-like the one of the sugar man! He quickly takes a picture and goes inside. He proves to Soney boy that the sugar man is real and the swamp stays the way it was and all goes well.


This book reminded me of how important nature is and how we need to let nature live and grow.

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