World Studies B

Spring 2014 Syllabus

World History A is a fast paced course covering the history of the world from the Scientific Revolution up until modern day. Along with analyzing the basic history, students will be capable of analyzing and describing primary sources, graphs, charts, and other historical resources. The goal of this course is to expose the students to history, while also preparing them to be informed citizen and productive members of society.

Classroom Expectations

  • Respect yourself, your classmates, and the school employees.
  • Be Responsible and come to class prepared. Be in your seat ready to go when the bell rings.
  • Do not talk out of turn.  Talking includes and is not limited to; whispering, conversations with others, and inappropriate noises and sounds. I love participation, but if you have something to say please raise your hand.
  • Follow all classroom rules as well as all rules listed in the student handbook. i.e. cheating, food/drink, cell phones, etc.

Late/Absent/Missing Work

  • If you are absent --> check the website for the list/links of activities and homework. Also check the the "Were you absent?" folders by my desk.
  • If you are turning in late work --> Please place it in the "late work" bin by my desk.  This is for absent or missing assignments as well.  
                - Missing work will be sent to study hall each week. Work completed in
                  study hall will be eligible for full credit still.
  • If you are absent on quiz/test day --> You have ONE week to make up the quiz or test.  This is on you.  You must set up a time with me to take the test.

iPad Use Policy

Having an iPad is a privilege and it is expectedthat the following guidelines are respected:Your iPad must be charged for class.
  • All school wide student handbook rules apply for iPad use within our classroom.
  • You may not have headphones out/music on until told it is an acceptable time to do so. (i.e. individual work time)
  • No games except those listed on the acceptable iPad app list in class and only when youcan prove to me you are finished with any classwork - current or missing.
  • You must maintain a 70% to use your iPad in class.  A book and paper copies will be made available if you drop below.

Grading Policy

Types of Work:

  • Daily assignments are expected to be completed each night and will be collected or talked about the following day. Daily assignments will be worth 10-20 points on average.  
  • Quizzes will be given periodically, sometimes announced and sometimes unannounced.  Quizzes include vocabulary, reading checks, map quizzes, and other topics.
  • Tests are given on a unit basis.  Each unit is 2-3 chapters long.  There will be a cumulative final exam at the end of the trimester.  Pre and Post tests will be given at the beginning and end of each trimester as well.
  • A notebook for this class will be collected each unit.  This notebook is to include your notes and bell ringers.  It may be a three ring binder, a 2 pocket folder, or a spiral notebook. Each entry is to be dated.  This will be explained further in class.

Grading Scale:


  • Daily Assignments         40%
  • Quizzes                             10%
  • Tests                                 50%

Basic Information

  • Room: 311
  • Email:
  • Phone: 679-1593

I am here to help you at anytime.  I want nothing more than for you to have success and enjoy World History.  My door is open if you ever need to talk.