This Sunday (Feb. 16th), Start Looking for the "I" in PINK!

The first 10 girls to locate the "I" in PINK on posters around campus will win a PINK item from the Campus Reps.

Students who find stickers on campus must: 1) Scan the sticker from the PINK Nation App. 2) Take a photo of the sticker and Tweet the photo while tagging the Campus Rep School account (@VSPINK_SC) and using the hashtag #PINKLovesCollege. 3) The first 10 girls to upload a photo and tag a Rep account will win a campus prize.

ALSO: The first 100 winners who scan a sticker each week will win the product being featured, and will be able to pick up their prize in stores. Anyone who scans will also get a free exclusive from the PINK Nation app! Customers who participate in all four weeks of the Scavenger Hunt will also get a special offer from PINK.

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