Moons importance
Gage Kuhlman

The moons role

Well the moons role is really important. That is because the moons gravity helps our tides. That means if we didn't have the moon we wouldn't have tides. The moon also helps to get awesomeness. That's the moon roles.

We have phases because of the earths rotation. It can affect animals. They could affect the light at night. If it was full moon all the time we would always have light at night. If it was always new moon it would always be dark.

The cause of high tide moons and suns gravity. There are 6hrs of each tide. So high tide 6hrs and low tide. The tides seem scary. That's because the tide seems like they go up fast.

eclipse is caused by the Earth and moon lining up. They look really cool. I want to see what it looks like. They are interesting things. They look really weird

The moon is really fun. The moon is very important to the earth. I guess its not as important as the sun. Like it helps tides. It gives us light at night.

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