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The Island of Kuehland is the newest island formed into the Hawaiian Islands. It has been forming for the last 100,000 years, and this year the U.S. decided to make the jump of forming a colony on this young island when it reached about 2,500 square miles. The U.S. created the colony as a sanctuary for people looking for a quieter, more relaxing living space with less complication and as an attempt to ease down the higher populations in big cities.

When starting the new colony there were lots of problems. For one, no one seemed to want to go. After a while people opened up to the idea, but for a while it had seemed that no one would go. The U.S. eventually found a large enough group of Americans willing to leave their homes and  looking for a bit of an adventure. They also yearned for the quite serenity the island promised. They set off for the island and, when arriving, more problems arose. The land was completely covered in exotic plants and trees, and no one wanted to do work and clear the land. There was also no source of fresh water, they only had what they brought with them. No one knew how to hunt. They had weapons, of course. Most of them thought to bring them, but no one had thought of learning how to use them. The people had come for the island, but didn't prepare for the baggage that came with it.


The Island was formed by volcanoes, and because of this the soil is very rich and good for farming and plant growth. The land has an abundance of resources, including plentiful fruits and vegetables (along with other edible plants) and has good areas for hunting and fishing. When the people began to inhabit the island, they did not modify it much. With much consideration spent on the fact of the serene idea of the original point of the island, no large building were built or are being planned to build. The largest building permitted on the island is the Hurricane Rescue Center. The people on the island had seen how destroyed and marred the modern world's earth had become and did not wish to continue on that same path. People modify the environment by clearing land and creating building and spreading pollutes to "improve" the land. The people of the island did not wish to follow this path.

Where the geography of the island impacts what the citizens wear and how they live.  Since the island is in the tropics and has a warmer climate, the people of Kuehnland tend to dress for the humid and hot weather. Because of the weather all of the houses are fully equipped with air conditioning units and made out of insulating materials used to keep the cold air in and the hot air out.


Seeing how farming supplies the majority of the jobs available on the island, exporting raw materials is the islands main source of income. If the island did not have the geography it has, the island would have almost no source of income and a minimal amount of jobs would be available and the economy would not be as well off as it is.In the islands earliest years they created packs with both large and small countries stating that in exchange for the goods exported from the island, Kuehnland would receive technology in return. For all other goods the colony needed Kuehnland's mother country, the United States, supplied them.

Kuehn Koins

The picture above is a picture of the currency used in Kuehnland, and are called Koins.

Tourism is the second form of income on the island. While touring may not be as popular on Kuenhland as it is on Hawaii, the island is the perfect place to find pristine views with view modern altercations.


The first colonists that came to the island brought with them a copy of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights as a temporary guideline for order until they were able to create their own. When they did create their Constitution and Bill of Rights it was only slightly altered to fit their needs as a small island separated from civilization. 

Problems Facing the Island

Distance From the U.S and Other Countries- Kuehnland (and the rest of the Hawaiian Islands) is pretty far from civilization,  and it takes time to ship items to the island, sometimes too much time. Because of the size of Kuehnland there is only one airport, and it is not very large. If the Island were to ever need something important, fast, chances are it wouldn't be there until the next available flight came in.

Having a Fresh Supply of Water- The island does not contain any natural lakes or rivers, and it is difficult to store a fresh supply of water for the whole island. To solve this problem monthly shipments of water are sent to the island but aren't always dependable.

People Living There- The whole idea of the island was to create a place for people to live as a sanctuary, and for people who wanted a quieter life. As the island progressed it became more of a vacation go-to place for people to stay temporarily at instead of a permanent place to stay. Because of this the island thrives during the summer and suffers over the winter.

Farming- Farming started on Kuehnland when one of the first settlers of the island realized just how perfect the soil is for growing crops. It began as a large money maker for the island, and continuous to be, but the need of the crops is greater than the supply, and the price of the raw materials is steadily rising over the years. The farms simply don't have enough labor or land to supply what the people want.

The Movement of People- As the island became more popular with the U.S. citizens more people began to move to the island. The island grew rapidly in its early years and the island couldn't produce anything fast enough to keep up with the growing population. There wasn't enough homes, or jobs, or supplies for all of the people coming and this affecting the land greatly.

Social- One of the problems, and one of the rewards, of moving to an island is the distance from other civilization. Many of the people who moved to the island were ready to give up their lives but weren't ready to end friendships sent on the mainland. A mail system, and eventually and internet system was set up, but both are very slow and are still being worked on.