The Galapagos Islands: The Best Holiday Destination

Part mystical world, part luxury resort, the Galapagos Islands is much like an alternate universe. This ecological destination offers plenty to do for all kinds of travellers, whether you’re interested in evolutionary biology or simply want to holiday in a remote paradise. To make the most of your stay, work with a reliable Galapagos travel agency that can provide you with a custom itinerary.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

The 19 volcanic islands of the Galapagos are situated in the Pacific Ocean, about 620 miles from the Ecuadorian coast. This remote archipelago and the marine reserve surrounding it has been described as ‘a living museum showcasing evolution’. The UNESCO has declared the area a World Heritage Site, and it’s easy to why. Being located where three ocean currents meet, the Galapagos is a melting pot of all kinds of marine species and is also home to unusual animal life.

Things to Do on Your Galapagos Vacation

1. Diving and Snorkelling – Any day of the year is a great day to experience the wonders of the archipelago’s pristine marine reserve. Join a diving or snorkelling tour, which can also be purchased as part of an adventure cruise.

2. Whale Watching – Did you know that the Galapagos Islands also offer great whale watching opportunities? Get up early to observe these friendly giants for as long as possible. Most Galapagos travelpackagesinclude this as an optional activity.

3. Nightly Stargazing – You don’t even need to leave your cruise ship or your hotel to enjoy the Galapagos. Simply look up and watch the cloudless night skies. The fantastic location of the islands shields it from city lights, allowing visitors to enjoy a dazzling display of bright stars most nights of the year. You will never tire of looking at the magical blanket of stars throughout your stay.

4. Hiking – If you love the outdoors and want to stretch your legs during your Galapagos vacation, then you will enjoy hiking South Plaza’ cliff-top trail to reach a superb vantage point from which you can watch seabirds. You might also try walking on the century-old lava flows of San Salvador. Feeling energetic? Why not climb Bartolome? You will be rewarded by unparalleled views of the islands when you reach the summit.

About the Company

Andando Tours offers a rare opportunity for families to have fun while they bond and enjoy shared adventures. When this travel takes place as part of organized Galapagos travel and tours, visitors can rest assured they will get to see all the major sites.

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