App for "The Pillars of The Earth" Book

People love reading for entertainment. Those who are addicted to reading book do not hesitate to buy novels written by popular as well as newbie authors. With growing mobile usage worldwide and subscription to ePubs authors have started to digitalize their books.

Accepting the trend lot of authors have made their books available over iTunes for download. In this post I am writing about a book from famous author Ken Follett, “The Pillars of The Earth”. Here is the link to the app.

The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod and your Mac devices. With growing engagement of people over mobile devices, this app offer a great reading experience.

You have to download the book to iBook on your Apple devices and you can read it anytime, you do not need to carry a hard copy with you every time. The app lets you continue reading from the page where you left last time. KiwiTech, the mobile app development company have provided some great features in it. After some time of reading, app shows you small video clip of what you have read, making you understand the scenario better.

Other than a book the app offers you much more. You can learn about the characters in a different section within the app enabling you to better understand the novel. With a clean interface designed for iOS devices it gives you awesome reading experience.


With world going mobile authors are making their books available over app store offering features that a book can’t. The community of people who prefer reading on mobile devices have increased a lot in last few years. Also the industry of digital publication and mobile books have flourished in past years. “The Pillars of The Earth”, an epic novel is over mobile and it offer better reader experience than a book ever can.