Permission to Sail!


My king,

        My name is Samuel-de-Champlain and I am one of your citizens.  However, I'm not just any citizen I am the best explorer in the world and I need your dearest permission and funding to sail to the new world! Think about it.  England and Spain are already one step ahead of us finding gold, furs, and new spices never seen before!  They are getting richer and richer as we speak!  Give me a little money and a little compass, and I will attempt to sail across the ocean to the new world and lead us to glory!  I shall spread our religion throughout our newly ruled land and colonize this land before neither England or Spain can.  Our country will become unstoppable, feared by all others and we will destroy all who oppose us!  I will claim the land for you, King Henry IV and France!  Even better, I shall lay tons and tons of gold beneath your feet, I will open trunk after trunk of gold, and all I need is your permission and funding.  Colonizing this land will be a huge step for us,  we will be the dominant country!  I will find the furs that we have been lacking and as for me I will be on the lookout for pure gold!  I will begin exploration on April 7, 1606.  According to the map I snuck out of England during my last visit, there are three places in the new world to explore.  We will head towards the middle part of the map which I will for now call the Americas.  This area is heavy forested which will make it easier to find new animal pelts.  All the other countries are in search of gold so there is a slight chance most of the gold is gone, however that doesn't mean all the rich material is gone!  If I were to run into any Indians or other explorers, we will have to imprison them and hold them for execution, we can't have them stopping our explorations.  Spain and England have already claimed part of the land but not all of it!  We will battle for the land!  Our group will probably encounter problems such as fever, food scarcity, lack of fresh drinking water, and Indians.  We will learn the ways of hunting from any Indians willing to teach us and find fresh drinking water.  As for sickness, we will have to find treatment.  I am the best choice for this voyage.  Pick me and I will bring you great success.

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