Basic Fundamentals of Successful Business Operation

There are many things that go into the foundation, development and maintenance of a small business; numerous elements that may require the hands-on business owner and manager to keep an eye on, and control over, at all times in order to ensure business success and longevity. Growing and maintaining a successful company can be very hard work, and it’s important to both understand and keep track of the company’s foundational elements in order to secure your organization’s long-term future.

There are several basic elements of business operation every new entrepreneur should keep in mind when seeking the best opportunity for long-term success.


A simple yet effective way to begin down the path of business success is organization. The new business owner should always ensure tasks are properly organized, assigned and tracked so as to avoid any unnecessary confusion or redundancy. Keep a close eye on what has been done, what is in motion and what will be needed in the future.

Detailed Record Keeping

Success in business is rarely possible without the maintenance of detailed records. When owners/operators maintain detailed records, they are generally better prepared for any challenges that may come their way in the future.

Competition Analysis

It’s important for every business owner to know and understand what the competition is up to; to both study and learn about one’s competitors to know what they may be doing right, wrong and potential avenues for improvement within one’s own company structure.

Jeffrey Mohlman is part-owner/founder of NeXgen Vapors. He is also an investment and insurance industry professional with Mohlman Financial.

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