Romeo & Juliet: A Tragedy

Act III, Friar Lawrence, Jewoo Han. I woke in my cell from loud, sad prayers from my fellow priests, I frantically asked what is the matter and was only replied by more sobbing and praying. Grabbing a boy from around the corner I asked him what is all the commotion about, he told me that whilst dueling the royal Mercutio was slain by the Capulet Tybalt. And then the Montague Romeo, the boy I saw last night has killed Tybalt. Oh such tragedy is this, Tybalt with the skills of a master swordsman, killed by his raging temper and the devotion of a fellow man. Oh the prince must be infuriated by  the two families harming each other, but what must he think of Verona's citizens now when one of his own kin has been felled. God have mercy upon their young souls, to not be sad of their deaths but to embrace the holy father's bosom. Oh the mortality, the grief that is this. But the other one, a kin of the king Paris will marry the Capulet girl Juliet, such events are these that will drive verona apart. Two families broken, only one way to mend the gap with the two children I saw night. At last yesterday, or is it early this morning did the boy Romeo come for marriage with the Capulet girl. With a chance I could not refuse their bonding, and now I must fix all this no matter what happens!

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2 years ago

Romeo: Oh Friar! Thank you Friar for our lovely marriage!