Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe an alcoholic who expressed himself in writing.

January 19 1809-October 7 1849


He was adopted by the Allen family that's were he got his middle name because his dad left and his mother died so he and his brother were separated when Poe was 3.  Poe left when he was 16 and went to the University of Virginia and came back when John his adopted father got sick and left again when there was nothing in the will for him.  After a couple of years he got married to a woman named Virginia.  They were both critically ill but she passed first.  So Poe had to be nursed back to health by a number of women.  But his abuse of drinking kept him from ever remarrying. Poe died when he was at the high of his career as a great poet and did died from his abuse of alcohol.

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