By:Akiyah Charity

Bullying- When a child or adult hits,taunt, and cyber bully a person because they are different than others.


~ About 160,000 students skip school.

~ 3.2 million students are victims of bullying reach year.

~ Most bullies have problems at home so then they take it out at school.

~1 in 4 teachers think nothing is wrong in bullying.

~Bullying happens mostly at school.

How does my topic happen?

Bullying happens because nobody stands up for the one that is getting bullied. Bystanders sit there and laugh at what the bully says or do and that gives them confidence while letting the one that's getting bullied powerless and helpless. On the other hand, they might be scared that the bully would come after them and hurt them so they don't want to get in the conflict. Another way bullying can happen is if teachers don't do anything. Teachers are our helpers our  leader ,but they don't help us when we need them. Most teachers I know they are loving teachers that if you pick on any person you would leave the class or get a referral. Other teachers don't care they're just on there computer and want us to learn.

Nobody thinks of the bullies side,they think of the one that is getting bullied. Bullies bully others because they have something on the inside that they just don't want to talk about. If you are a bully think about going to someone or telling your story. Even though they bully someone they aren't actually tough and bad. People that bully don't even want to they just do it to get the anger out.

Signs of a child being bullied.

*injuries that he/she cant explain

* destroyed or lost items

*faking sickness or injures

*less eating or more eating than usual

*cant sleep or nightmares

*schoolwork is declining

*lost of friends avoid social light

*self esteem is low and felling helpless

*running away from home

Who tries to help people who suffer in your topic?

A lot of sites and schools try to stop bullying or help the ones that get bullied. One site I could name is bullyingnoway.com.au. You can make your own character and stop bullying.Even in the name it says no bullying no way so why wouldn't you believe it. They have a website where you can click which one you are example it says teacher,young children ,students,parents. For a student you click on student how old you are you I am 12 so i would pick 13 or younger. They have information that tells you about bullying and the ways that you can help. When you get on there they have characters and they have been on here for years to help bullying and make a difference. The website has a kids helpline so when you are being bullied you can call their helpline.

Why is it important for people to know about my topic?

Without people helping kids would  decrease. So much kids are killing their self just because of one bad thing said that made them feel worthless. If you are a bystander than stand up for the one that is getting bullied don't laugh along with the crowd just because everybody else think its funny doesn't mean it is. My topic is very important you should help the people that you are friend with everybody should help. The bullies have things going on to so you should them even if they aren't right for what they do. Without the importance of bullying you wouldn't even know that your child or friend is being bullied so be involved . my opinion is that you don't have to listen to what people say you should be confident in what you do and who you are.

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