By: Valessa Rodriguez


   Depression isn't something anyone can get, most people inherit depression. However some teens can pass their depression to their child. Most people get treatment, but does it really work?

  Most teens these days are getting pregnant. However they hardly or never think "What is the mother going to do?" or maybe " How is the mother doing?'' In a recent national study using longitudinal data from more than 4,000 middle school and high school students, depressive symptoms in boys and girls were predictive of subsequent sexual risk behavior.

Most teen moms will sometimes get depressed, over anything regarding to their pregnancy. This is not good for the mother and child, physically and mentally. How? It can harm both mother and child, because the mother sometimes will not eat possibly for a couple of days, this is the physically part. It can also harm the mother mentally, she might think of hurting herself. Thus harming the unborn child. ( If the mother is successful of harming herself.)

When psychological and emotional disturbances can be traced to faulty brain chemistry and corrected with a pill, the idea that sitting and talking can treat a problem such as clinical depression might seem outdated. However this opposition of treatment is what some patients ( teen moms) parents want for their children. On the other hand some patients will not take this way of treatment. They do not want to talk to anyone about their troubles. This can put them in the mental hospital, in which most (maybe all) parents do not want to do.

Depression can affect anyone even if they aren't diagnosed with it. Some are teen moms and their unborn or born children (child). There is treatment and therapy for those who have depression. Almost every doctor recommend that patients get therapy while they are young and are barely showing symptoms. Depression is a very serious disease. And no one should ever have to go through it  

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