1. the study of heredity and the properties or features of and organism which means that its what they study how they study the genes and the features of the human body.

2. some are caused bye parents like if your mom had high blood pressure you could have a chance of getting it to. or if you inherited something later on like you didn't where glasses when you where small you could start to wear them when you get older.

3. sometimes its hard for some people others it not.

4. most can not be cured most are treated or people just have to live with it and check bye the doctor to keep there body's in good shape. and signs and symptoms acure on certain of theses disease.


1. It is our surroundings like what we got to watch out for or where we live and whats around us. also  it could be dangerous or damage anything.

2. it is just natural causes and is some is affecting diseases.

3. if you hang around people with that disease or they smoke you might start smoking

lifestyle choices

1. It is what you chooses to do like and its like if you pick to behave then that's up to you i you have a good attitude or a bad one.

2. lifestyle choices is when you choose what you want to do like if you wanted  to smoke you can if you was to choose have sexually relations and if they have aids then you can pass them down to your children.

3. your lungs can turn black if you start  smoking for a long time then they will start to turn from healthy to not healthy.

before after