College Project #ACESL4


1.Letter of intent

2.Embedded video

3.College application

4.Letter of recommendation


6.FAFSA Form (Paper copy)

Letter of intent

Dear University of Phoenix:

I am writing this letter for you as a petition for joining you to study as hard as I can do and get a bachelors degree in biology. I consider myself a good student and I hope that you think so too after you read my letter.

My name is Lucero Esmeralda Rojas-Gonzalez, I am in my senior year at El Dorado High School and in my whole time at this school I have  put all my effort and have given all of me on my courses and extracurricular activities to be a good student. I don't like to give up and I love being the best at everything.

My grades right now are really good, I learn fast and always try to learn more. I have done as many extracurricular activities as I could to try new things. What I liked the most is track. My experience in Track and Field was really good because joined in 6 months after everybody else but I did not stayed in the back, I was always pushing myself the way I do with everything else.

It would be great if you consider all my skills and have a good expectative on me, because I really want to join you, I promise I will be on top of everything, I will try to be the best because I always give the best of me.

Thanks for your time.

Sincerely, Lucero Rojas.

Letter of Recommendation

Estimated Mrs. Diana S. Natalicio:

The purpose of this letter is to recommend and support my friend Jennifer Olivas, whose dream and desire is to attend the University of Texas at El Paso, I hope my words can convince you of considering letting her in your school.

Mrs. Jennifer Olivas and I have been friends since our Freshmen year in High School, and I can tell that she will do anything in her hands to be the best student, because she likes to be on top. She has many physical and mental skills and abilities that are very strong.

I admire the way she studies and I know she will always give her best in your school, she is always doing new stuff and she is always really good, so I really recommend you her to be your students, I promise you will not regret it.

Thanks for your time.

Sincerely, Lucero Rojas.

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