Brian Elgey - An Expert in Automotives

Brian Elgey is deeply committed to his career as an automotive expert and professional within the competitive industry of automobiles. Ever since he was a young child, he has been working on cars and learning everything he could about the engines inside them. He never missed an opportunity to learn from his father, also an automobile enthusiast, as he worked on different cars in the garage. Like his father, he is known around Durham, North Carolina for being a trusted professional and always willing to help out friends and family with their automotive troubles. Although he has spent most of his life working on cars, he knows that there are more and more complicated advances in automotive technology that get released to the public everyday; he will never stop learning all he can about the fascinating industry. Brian graduated with a degree in business from the prestigious institution known as North Carolina State University and he hopes to one day use his degree to start his own garage that specializes in working on sports cars and professional racing vehicles. He is currently working as a car salesman in the town where he was born and raised, and is well known for being fair and trust worthy. He always offers his customers the best value for their money and never tries to make an extra buck from his neighbors. In the same spirit, he is always willing to help out any way that he can when someone comes to him with car trouble.

Brian Elgey has been committed to his career in the automotive industry ever since he learned from his father how to complete a routine oil change. Ever since he started learning about automobiles and the powerful engines that run them, his hunger for more knowledge couldn’t be quelled. Although he is known around his home town for being an automotive enthusiast and expert, he is also known for being an artist and avid football fan. Brian Elgey loves music almost as much as he loves working on cars. His father also instilled within him a love and a passion for all things creative, especially music. He learned to play the guitar at a young age and has not been able to go through a day since with out practicing. He loves hard rock music and the sound of a distorted electric guitar as it blasts power chords and screams piercing solos.