Nicaragua is a beautiful Spanish country located in South America. It is a tourist attraction and offers amenties for all types of tourists.


Population: 6,080,478 people in 2013

Languages: Mostly speak Spainsh but also speak Miskito, Sumo, Rama, Garfiuna, and Criollo

Capital: Managua

Currency: Nicaragua cordoba

Neighboring Countries: Honduras, Costa Rica

Map: Nicaragua


Granada: Offers a variety of activities like sailing and zip lining for all types of people

Managua: Have special artifacts held in a museum from way back; this is also this countries capital

San Juan Del Sur: Has a beautiful beach and fishing village; a great place to sit back and relax.

                                                San Juan Del Sur


Me gustan tus llantas- I like your shoes

Arpeni- Brother

Va peues- goodbye, see you


Gallo Pinto: A dish made with beans and rice

" El Macua": Know as Nicaragua's signature beverage, this drink includes sugar, lemon juice, guava juice, and a light rum

Quesillo: A cheese stuffed tortilla made with chile, vinegar, cream and onion



Climate: Consisting of two seasons dry and rainy; this climate can be described as tropical

Geography: The geography here is really everything. It is mountainous, has highlands, and lowlands

This is a festival where the people of Nicaragua show off their dancing skills. In america it would be considered a dance competition. This festival occurs once a year on the 19th of November. The name of this festival is called Festival Garfiuna Nicaragua. It is important to this country because it gives the people a chance to express themselves through dance. I think this is neat because it is very similar to what Americans do. This also shows that some cultures aren't really that much different from each other.

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