The Bangsamoro Conflict (Philippines)  

Overview: "The country is approaching a landmark step in the peace process between the government and Moro Islamic Liberation Front, after decades of conflict." However, many people believe that some rebel, or otherwise radical groups, will contest the agreements that have be established to uphold democracy in the Philippeans.

Main Opponents: There are 13 tribes in the region of Bangsa Moro with the three main ones being, "the Maguindanaons (the people of the flooded plains), the Maranaos (people living around the lake) and the Tausogs (people of the current). These major groups have rallied the support of the Bangsa Moro in their struggle for self-determination." Due to the constant struggle and conflict, many people in the Philippeans face problems of poverty, illiteracy, oppression, and exploitation.

Other Invovled Countries: The other countries involved include the United States and Europe. The indigenous people of Europe see the United Statea as an imperialistic force that seeks to destroy their way of life. Whereas one man from Bangsamoro Moro commented on Europe saying, "We also have a common desire to be free from the pangs of poverty, ill-health and oppression. We have the same dream of a better life. All these are binding factors that calls for eightened solidarity among the oppressed people, on one hand, and between the oppressed people and concerned people of the First World countries, as is the case in Europe. Along this line, the Moro people view the present solidarity between the Filipinos and the people in Europe with great appreciation."

Conflict Carried Out: Through the use of force and threats, the many groups seeking for control of the Philippeans, including outside countries, are able to instill fear and control into millions of innocent people.

Cause: There are over a dozen groups in the Philippeans who each have different views and ways they believe the country should be ruled/governed. The inner conflict has sparked revolution and in turn many outside, first world, countries feel the need to join in on the fight.

Efforts Being Taken: Achieving a common goal, which is the success of the Moro in the long lived struggle will be the success of the Filipinos in the struggle. The success of the struggle of the oppressed nations will be the success of solidarity. Many of the previously divided groups inside the Philippeans are trying to find a common ground to force out the external oppression put on by countries such as the United States.

Is this A Just Conflict?

Yes: Just Cause, Right Intention, Comparative Justice (Justify Killing)

No: Noncombatant Immunity

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