Entrepreneurship is about Choices

And donuts, its about donuts too.

On my way to work this morning life hit me with "BAMMMMMMMM SON, YOU JUST GOT SERVED." A revelation of already known knowledge if you will.

As I came to the infamous KK stop light. (If you are local you know this as the stop light that intersects with the road that leads you into Krispy Kreme, right outside Wofford. Similar to the yellow brick road.)

My lazy eye caught the HOT N NOW light and I knew I had to make a choice. Do I take a left and snag up a dozen of those donuts after working out this morning or do I keep on going.

Then that "BAMM SON" hit me, all over hot, warm donuts and a sweet neon light.

Entrepreneurship is about choices, choices in the moment and you have to act quick and with a level of reckless abandon. You have to drop what your doing and go for it. Success is not based on some arbitrary number that you came up with to value your company 6 months from now. Regardless of what  the "Shark Tank" model makes you think, entrepreneurs have to make many more choices than wether or not they want to take Mark Cuban's money. Everyday you have to grind and part of that grind besides the Ramen noodles and lack of sleep is make gut wrenching choices without thinking about the long term. The succes of a start up is about how quickly you can make a decision that will benefit you and your team. Stop worrying about what will happen 5 months from now. If it makes sense now and you can do it, then make it happen.

I got it, making choices is scary. I moved 305lbs 25x in back squats this morning, donuts surely would negate that workout, all that work for nothing. That of course what the common fitness person would say but my diet is an entirely different blog in itself. The fact is the ability to make a choice in the moment with confidence is the difference between good and great.

So here is the process I went through at the light this morning and I advise you to take it next time you have to make a quick decision.

1. Does it make sense right now for your success!

2. Will it make you and your team happy now and result in more kick ass work and outcomes!

3. Is it a choice that you can justify!

Entrepreneurship is about having fun, following your dream and making choices when they arise.

By the way the donuts were amazing!