Super Soccer

By: David
A Fun Sport to Play in Summer

If you ever see something black and white it's not a skunk it might be a soccer ball. Soccer is a very fascinating sport to play. Based on my research, you will be learning about the different rules, equipments, position, and the field.

Rules of the Field

Soccer include lots of dribbling, passing, running, and most of all, teamwork. There some important rules or laws too learn, so LISTEN CAREFULLY!
The first rule is called offsides. Offsides is where you pass the ball to your teammate and they're passed the other teams defensive player.

The player behind the red player is offsides

There three types of kicks. one kick is call a indirect kick. And another kick is called a direct kick. A indirect kick is where someone on your team has to touch the ball before you kick it. And a direct kick is where the goalie is the only one guarding you. Last but not least is a penalty kick. A penalty kick is where you or the other team fouls in the penalty box. Then, they get a kick in the box and the goalie is the only one guarding you. Do you know the 2 types of foul cards. They're Called a yellow and red card. A way you get a yellow card is if you break the rules or make a dangerous play. If you have 2 yellow cards then your chances are getting a red card. Which means you can't play the game anymore until the next game.

A Equipment's Life

Equipment is important too. Some basic equipment's are shin guards, cleats, mouth guards, jerseys, gloves, and a soccer ball. Shin guards are for protecting your shin, and cleats are for griping to the ground. mouth guards are sometimes for kids other times there not. Jerseys help your team to recongnize you. gloves help the goalie to get grip of the ball, and a soccer ball is for playing. If you don't have some of these equipment, then you can't play soccer.

Game Time

Soccer fields are HUGE!! Heres what one author said... "Soccer fields are sometimes as big as a football field. " Soccer fields are 90 to 130 feet. The objective of the game is to lead your team to victory. Which means score as many goals as you can. Most soccer players play for 60 to 90 minutes. They're 11 positions to play. You can play forward, midfielder, or even a defender. A forward is a player who's at the very top, and a midfielder plays two positions. They help both forwards and defenders. Defenders stay at the very back and helps the goalie save goals, but they can't use their hands.


Is This the End?

I hope everyone could try soccer once in their life, its a fun and a exciting sport. Always remember if you see something black and white it may not be a skunk... it may be a soccer ball!!!!!!