The difference between genetics, Environmental, and lifestyle choice is that it can be curable or it can be treatable.


1. Genetics

-Carrier Diseases  

1. It is when people caries there diseases to there kids and it depends if the parents have it or not.

2.It causes them by the parents because if they both have it there kids will have it too.

3. It affect the children because if the parents have it they might pass it down to their kids.

4. Curable because it cannot be treatable because if you have the disease you might can't git rid of it.


2. Environmental

-Air pollution

1. Air pollution is a for of diseases that you can git because if people don't put a air mask it can go in their lungs.

2. It causes disease by people that make pollution in the air like fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, natural gas, and gasoline and more.

3. It affects the earth because it make pollution in the air and living organism need to breath air so it affects yourself.

4. It is treatable because if people stop smoking or stop polluting the are  we might have a better environment and we will not breath the polluted air.


3. Lifestyle Choices


1. Smoking is when people smoke things that will decrease your life that means that it will maybe make you have lung cancer or something.

2. if you choose to smoke during your life it will cause you too make your lung increase to have lung cancer or something.

3. It affects your life because if you smoke it will make you lungs go black and you might lose your voice for life and also it pollutes the air that you breath in.

4. It is treatable because you can stop smoking but sometimes it can be hard for you to stop because maybe it was for a long time that you have smoked before.