*Continent: Colombia

*Imports: 10 different things

*Exports: 10 different things

*Electricity: They do have electricity but their plugs they have are different from the United States.

*Name of the National Anthem: Himno Nacional de la Republic de Colombia.¡Oh, inaccesible glory!

¡Oh, immortal joyfulness!

¡On the soil of pains

goodness is already bearing fruit!


¡The dreadful night is over! Sublime freedom

spills the dawns of its invincible light.

The whole of mankind, groaning amidst chains,

understands the words of He who died on the cross.


¡Independence! Clamors the american world,

Columbus´land is bathed on the blood of heroes.

*Currency: Colombian Peso

*Costs of things: a pair of jeans COP 55,000 a t-shirt COP 45,000 a Leather Jacket 290,000 a pair of colombian leather shoes COP$ 120,000 a large pizza at Domino's 23,000 a newspaper COP1200 A Compac laptop 1'499,000 A Juanes CD COP$35,000 a bus ticket 1300.

*Religions: Roman Catholic.

*Languages: Spanish.

*Best time to travel: July and August.

*Passports where to get them: CÉDULA DE CIUDADANÍA"

*Full Countries Name: Republic Of Colombia.

*Area: 448,800 Sq Mile.

*Population: 47.7 Million.

*Capital City: Bogota

*Type of government: Presidental, Republican.

*Time Compare to KS: Same Time as Kansas.

*Food: In some Parts of Colombia you eat roasted ants and ginue pigs, in the other part of Colombia you are not even allowed to touch those dishes.

*Climate: You dont know what to pack because, you wont know if its gonna be rainy, windy, cold, or hot.

Life Expectancy: 73-78 Years.

Per Capita Income: 378.1 Billion.

Colombias sq mile.
Colombia Capital City.
Their Peso!

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