The Borowitz Report

A website that I feel like no one reads

Andy Borowitz

The Borowitz Report is a non-partisan news satire site. It mainly relies on the satirical characteristics of inflation and diminution.  This site mostly targets popular figures such as presidential candidates, members of Congress, and celebrities.

SXSW Crisis

Citizens of Austin attending a popular music festival

Desperate Residents of Austin Completely Surrounded by Texas

     This article  portrays the struggle of Austin residents in their fight against the rest of Texas. This article uses the inflation characteristic to make fun of the residents of Austin by saying that they think they're better than the rest of Texas. It inflates the opinion that citizens of Austin are better than the rest of Texas and uses hyperbole to create a fake crisis.

Tom Brady Scandal

Public Enemy #1

N.F.L. Sentences Brady to a Year with the Jets

     This article uses satire to make fun of the Tom Brady Deflategate scandal. This article uses hyperbole and (unlike the tampered-with footballs) inflates the problem at hand to something bigger than it is. It exaggerates the punishment by saying that playing with the NY Jets is worse than being suspended or fined.

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