How were planes used in WWI?

Miranda Martinez & Avery Burroughs  

You can tell this is a German plane because of it's special marking
These are the different markings to identify the different countries.

  Planes had many different uses in WWI. For example, there were over 70 planes, and they were armed with machine guns, bombs, and cannons. However, some of the planes blew up because of their own bombs. Also, the planes helped spy on the enemy. The weapons and the spying lead to fights called dogfights.

What was trench life like in WWI?

These soldiers are preparing for battle.
These soldiers are trudging through the "river".t

During the war, trench life was very hard. The soldiers that lived in trenches had very little time to rest. The trenches were infested with many things. For example, there were rats that could grow as big as cats, lice, frogs, and many different types of bugs. There were dead bodies everywhere, and both sides would truce while they ate breakfast. After the war, many soldiers had died from the diseases that were in the trenches.

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