A musical journey through the filter of one man's mind, squeezed through a lackadasical, untrained and mostly mediocre talent, if that be the word.   

OR: an as yet unrecognized talent , with a scope and a humanity so brilliant that it reveals nothing less than a musical compositional arranger, an interpretive genius at play.

Only you can say. I lean towards the latter, myself.

Add to this odd person a few more talented yet like minded musos, friends and brothers all.

And this is what we come up with:


My brother, Bob & I (Chuck) Gauger July 2014

Then there is old friend and playpal Pete:

Petey McIntosh (via The Slave Girls Band) : Vocal, rhythm and lead guitars, bass

Chuck: Drums, b/g vox

Sir Peter McIntosh, guitarist and songwriter

Chuck & Pete 2009-ish

Then there are all the other videos (7 more...you can skip the two you just saw), myself and one or two of these other lads doing all the bits (some not amazing, some not bad...other than my miming skills):

And finally, a link to all my song 'experiments', from 1977 through now, usually it is I doing all the parts, often badly, just to see what I could do.

Now, for posterity, history must judge.  

Please be gentle.

Chuck Gauger, August 2014, Aromas CA

Melcher/Lindsay c.1967 BMI        My cover.

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I also heartily endorse this page!

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