Forensic Science

In Forensic Science I am learning how to tell the difference in fingerprints, i am also learning how to get finger prints off of like a wall or off of something. I am learning currently the history of who discovered fingerprints and DNA, its really ex-siding and interesting. I am also learning in session 5 hair strands, and the differences in each organisms. Also i know how to correctly log a crime scene investigation. In session 6 i learned how to mix a specific liquid and i think water and i was able to get inc off of the piece of paper.

One job that has to do with forensic science is a Forensic Scientist, a Forensic Scientist examines evidence from many angles to assist law enforcement officials in solving crimes, sometimes exonerating innocent suspects. Some scientists may be involved in forgery detection while others spend their days examining bodily fluids or fibers through microscopes.