My Game Design Work Portfolio

-Hello There! I want to thank you for taking the time to at the least have a glance at my portfolio, I will be including various aspects about my accomplishments and skills both in education and my own projects. Also some of my own personal inspirations within the creative media industry and also how to contact me. I hope you take the time to read and view the work I put in below!

My Contact Details


Phone Number: 07516109067

Address: 33 Beckside HU17 0UPBH

What I Enjoy Most About The Games Industry

The main thing I enjoy about the game industry as a whole is not only the large amount of effort put in by studios and corporations large and small to create new and adventurous games of all genres. But the thing I love the most is the community created content this being things like fan made animations, artwork, music and game assets like skins,guns and cosmetics which are showcased and added to games by developers such as steams workshop which allows all types of creators to display their work to the community. This type of developer to fan interaction is something I want to see become bigger in all parts of the game industry.

My Own Artwork And Projects
3D Rendering Pictures (Source Film Maker)

Heavy Woodsman Guy

This being one of my most recent renders although quickly made was used to test the lighting and environment of a new setting I recently downloaded which overall for a fast made render came out to be somewhat decent.

Colored Rain *2 Versions*

Both pictures above are posed in the same way to practice body structure and facial expressions with two different models, this picture being my older work there are a few clipping issues that would be addressed if I came back to this posing render but overall I feel it showed my skills developing when creating body poses within 3d rendering programs.

Switching Colors

The purpose of this picture was to test a first person pose perspective facing two other posed models,this picture was meant to have more scene elements put into it including props and particle effects but nether the less renders like these help show my development went creating new scenes and animations when using Source Film Maker.

Smile Animation Test

This short animation cycle is currently one of the only animations I have created so far I mainly created it to experiment what I could do with my small amount of animation talent within the program as I am mainly situated around posing and drawing environments instead of animating them.I focused on creating a simple facial expression loop in the end as I still preferred creating still pictures instead of animating them.

Detailed Character Work: Metal Gear Solid Operator Snake

As I've only recently fully committed to drawing I've tried searching for something that is somewhat simple to draw but still has depth to it with things such as perspectives and sketching techniques that I could build off of and move onto greater larger projects. Using this shows art style I've slowly started to better improve my drawing techniques.

College: Photo Shop DVD Menus

Moving onto more detailed designs above I've shown an early sketch drawing of one of my close to being finished pieces this one being of Snake from Metal Gear Solid 4:Guns Of The Patriots dressed in his militia disguise. I've chose to put this picture in instead of the more recent version as it shows the planning behind my drawing and the effort put into it all together.  

The creation of these DVD menus have been my most recent pieces of work that had the use of photo shop involved in its creation, making these helped me develop my skills within photo shop further as I messed around with the various tools to align various angles and also use tools to remove backgrounds, add overlays to pictures and create my own designs within it. Making this menu proved to be a good challenge to test my creativity as I spent a fair amount of time changing various parts of the menus till I felt satisfied with it.

People I'm Inspired By

Arin Hanson-Egoraptor

From an early age on the internet I've always been entertained with Arins animations and his unique style. Hes created many animations I've enjoyed such as his Awesome Series and his vocal acting in other internet animation and content as he has a very entertaining way of yelling. The main thing I enjoy about his art and animation style is the complexity of a characters expression, hes stated that growing up he enjoyed a cartoon show called Ren and Stimpy which animation style was very wacky and no to facial expression were alike. Hes said that's where he pulls his inspiration for the comedic faces in his animations hes created over the year and has been a re-occurring feature as his art style improved. Below I've put some examples of his artwork below.

Hideo Kojima

Hideo has had a big impact on my life from a young age as he created a series of games that made me become interested in the games industry. That being Metal Gear Solid, one of the first games I played being Metal Gear Solid 3 which I enjoyed the most about it was its quirky but unique game play and scene portrayals which had good flow to them when played along with the game play. Overall taking the series from arcade platform to what it is now has been an experience that I have been able to see develop over time and see how his work impacted the title in a very positive and captivating way.

Scenes That I Enjoyed The Most From His Games


To conclude this portfolio of my work I enjoy all the different aspects and roles within the games industry, from animation to still drawings and level design and coding I'm always fascinated by the game industry and what the future holds for its community in the future as it develops.

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