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9th grade English
Katie Minton

There are many different fashion fads for teens. Some teens may prefer floral prints over colorful. Not many teens choose heels over sneakers,but there are a few that do, however. Some prefer the natural look over all the make-up.

Floral or colorful fabrics? Both styles are actually really trendy with today's teenagers, as well as risky. Floral patterns give the "contemporary" look while colorful styles give the "fun" look. The key to florals is to pair it with the right items that will balance each other out. Colorful styles are often used to symbolize something. Whether it be their attitude, personality, mood, or even to just fit in at a certain event. Someone once said, "A colorful world, is a world of meaning".

Heels over sneakers? Not so much. Studies have shown that most teens prefer the flat comfortable aspect of sneakers over the tall painful heel of high heels. Heels are more of a dressy accessory while sneakers are casual/athletic. Six inch high heels were once worn by the upper classes in the 17th century Europe. Meanwhile, sneakers were first made in America in 1916.

Make-up or the natural look? Most men say they prefer the natural look on women, and they feel by telling a woman that will boost their self confidence. However, for most women, it doesn't. Many women have said that make-up makes them feel empowerment. Most women agree that the "natural" look makes them feel fatigue and less womanly. So basically it's based on ones opinion.

There are many different fashion fads (trends) for teens. Especially in today's world. Some may like floral while others like colorful and loud. It just depends on the teens taste.

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