Japanese poetry during the 9th through 12th centuries consisted of the tanka form, which involved a five line structure with 5-7-5-7-7 morae, or syllables. Haiku was introduced to the Western world largely by the translation efforts of Harold G. Henderson and R.H. Blyth in the 1950's. Beat poets like Jack Kerouac and Gary Snyder were also strongly attracted to and influenced by the Zen Buddhism elements in haiku. Today, haiku has grown into a phenomenon that inspires haiku societies and works from every part of the globe.

Following the Dinosaur Trail

by Andrea Dietrich

babysitting Ricky he shows me books on T-Rex. . . ancient history

years later. . . watching Jurassic Park on TV. . . my two kids and I

games played on a screen my grandson plays the hunter. . . I’m the dinosaur