She, You and We against HIV!

You know her for so long…

She was happy !

She had that spark in her eyes, that unique shine that made her stand out.

Now it’s gone.

She used to smile and laugh.

Not anymore.

She used to be confident and to know where she was going, head high and straight toward this bright future.

All in the past.

She used to trust.

She used to love.

She used to be who she wanted to be.

She used to…

The world has changed since then.

Her world has changed.

HIV is not marked on her forhead but on her heart, on her smile, on her mind. AIDS is not only a diagnosis, it’s a dark hole, it’s an ultimatum. Not only does it affect your health but it also influences your way of seeing life and living it. Everybody is responsible and everybody needs to be concerned about this worldwide and widespread reality. If you are not taking part in finding the solution, than you are part of the problem. This person could be your sister or even your little girl, your friend…

You can make the difference around you and be proactive.

You can protect yourself and the ones you love only by getting informed and by talking about it !

You don’t need to be a scientist working on a miraculous serum to save the whole universe, you just need to be an actor of change and prevention in your own little world.

We need to care for one another because if we don’t, no one will.

We, by getting involve, will inspire people around us to do the same..

Almost 75 million people have contracted HIV since the beginning of the epidemic.

People die and even more people get infected everyday.

We need to get people to care!

We need to stop this!


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