RACHEL Does not Steal Husbands

You expected 7 years for this,
think again,
but double the time means double the beauty

This picture is of Leah and Jacob. The reason you don't see Jacob's face is because he is not smiling. He does not want to marry you Leah. Leah is so ugly, lucky for me I got the looks from my dad. Don't tell her i said this but i call her 4 eyes behind her back. She just thinks she is so cool because she has the birth right. Well I got news for you honey, everyone knows that the second one is always prettier.

I should totally should be the one getting married. Sorry dad, but you can't take over my love life. We met at the well, you were so nice. Where did you meet Leah again, thats what I thought. I suggest you choose me.  I will always do the dishes, and I will always take your side even though you wrong. Pick me, your getting your "works" worth.

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