I.K Brunel

Railway engineer

~I.K Brunel in his life-

I.K. Brunel was born in Hampshire on 9 April 1806. He's the one who really work deeply in rail works. Which improved the entire work of Industrial Revolution.

When he was a teenager, he already had a big interest in transportation. He likes where things start from one point to another. So he thought of ways that he can work on.

-His inventions~

He liked doing experiments, usually on one topic, "Rail work". He made more steady rails and tracks for steam trains to travel on. Also not only tracks, he also design tunnels through mountains and hills, in order to prevent going around mountains, instead, we can just go through mountains. His invention ideas, are useful, even until today! We use his ideas, and break through tunnels, and set even more rails intercepting each other, with planning time!

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