mLearning K-12

Scribble Press

What is it?  Scribble Press is a book creation platform that allows students to create and share their own stories and art using drawing and writing tools, both unique student works and fill in the blank stories.

How can it be used? Scribble Press can be used in multiple grades giving students the opportunity to create their own stories on the computer or on the iPad. Scribble Press includes a Teachers section, where private classroom groups can be created for secure sharing.

5 Dice: Order of Operation Game

What is it? 5 Dice is a math game for the iPad played by upper elementary and junior high students who are working on Order of Operations in Math.

How can it be used? 5 Dice can be used to practice skills taught in a lecture or instructional lesson. 5 Dice requires students to use higher thinking skills to solve problems in reverse, and has individual and both competitive and cooperative play through wifi connection.


What is it? Duolingo is a language learning app and computer program that offers language learning in a unique format, including points, trophies, and a social media component to increase user motivation. Currently includes 6 languages learned, including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian.

How can it be used? Duolingo can be used as a study aid to multiple language learning classes, as well as a tool for ESL students to practice their language skills both at school and at home if they have access to the internet. Duolingo is simple enough for any speaker who can read and type, therefore best for students with some fluency in their native tongue.


What is it? iMovie is a digital video creation tool. It is available on both iPads and computers, and can be used by students in multiple grades.

How can it be used? iMovie can be used to create class projects and presentations, to create videos for assignments, and for pre-created video lectures.


What is it? Educreations is an app that essentially turns the iPad into an interactive Whiteboard. Educreations includes voice recording, digital ink and photo or text options which allows the student and teacher to have a IWB in their hands, in any room.

How can it be used? Educreations can be used to help students with problems at their desks, to record and replay voice when learning to read, and so many more.

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