Good Introductory Paragraphs

English 11 Section A

People have used the internet for only the last few decade. Some people have used the internet to look things up such as the news or get directions to unknown place to them. Recently young people have gone to school using the internet and staying at home. The purpose of the internet is to gather and provide the information.

MR. LEIGH: This is a great intro. So your body paragraph will be about explaining HOW people are using the Internet for information, right?


They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but people often do. A time where I was misjudged is when I was in 9th grade my friend thought [I] was a [quiet] person but once she knew me [I] was not the quite person she knew.

MR. LEIGH: This is great! You will then go on in your body paragraphs to tell how her misjudging you was wrong, because you are a totally different person than she thought.


Developed for the U.S. military in 1960 the internet was not widely used until 1995. The purpose of the Internet is to give people information, entertainment, and communication. Many people use the internet to get information that they can apply to their daily lives. The internet is also a place to go for entertainment. Lastly the internet is a faster way for people to communicate.

MR. LEIGH: How about changing your last sentence to: “The internet is also a place to go for entertainment, as well as a faster way for people to communicate.”