100 Years War

Samuel I. Grant K.

The hundred Year war started with the throne of William the conquer. He had taken control of France and England and ruled both of them as his own.  His power continued to Henry the II and the expanse of the lands continued to grow, as France and England grew England started to control less land the France. By Henry the III England only controlled two parts of France.

       When The king of France died the son in law of the king believed that he should become king, but the people thought that a cousin of Charles(dead king) the cousin's name was Philip. Edward was enraged and so while he waited to gather an army to attack Philip with an army of his own. By 1337 Edward was ready to fight for what he believed was his own and he declared war on King Philip of France.

The Hundred Year War was a war the lasted the through the reign of 5 kings of France and England over control of France. This was not a continually war that lasted for one hundred years,(116) but really smaller wars that started because one country decided to break a treaty.

EQ- Why do humans choose to fight wars?

QTQ- Why did England's control over France weaken over time?

QTQ- Why did The war start?

who was Joan of Arc?

She was a French peasant who led the French forces to victory at the battle of 'Orleans.  Because she has had such a large impact on the history of France she has been named the Patron saint of France.  The reason that she even thought about doing this was because of the hardship she had experienced throughout the war, and because she head the voices of angels tell her what she had to do end the war. She led the attack back on England to region the land that they had lost.

Quick Facts

France had more resources to spend and had a larger army to use.  

England had a smaller army but they were more disciplined and knew how to use longbows.

England used newer war strategies witch gave them an advantage.

France used lots of calvary charges.

The hundred year war was actually longer than 100 years.

What Role Did England and France Play?

After repeatedly being attacked by England for power of the french throne, France decided to retaliate. The struggle goes back and fourth until 1415, when King Henry V of England conquered large portions of France, gaining large political concessions. Then in 1422, with the help of Joan of Arc, France strikes back. From 1422 onward until 1453, Many battles occur. Alliances form and parties conjure power. This is followed by declines of parties and groups.

What was the outcome?

Because of the war the land of France became destroyed by England. The successor of Charles the VII, Louis the XI united France after the ruins of the war, this created a brand new France. The same thing occurred to England and ceased to sustain its place as a continental power.  England sought out a stronger Naval army.  


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