Theron Liggons
Team 7-3 Omaha Zoo Trip

May 1st, 2014

This is an entrance into the Henry Doorly Omaha Zoo


The Green Moray Eel can grow up to thirty feet long.

Common name: Green moray eel

Scientific name: Gymnothorax funebris

Biome: Marine

Habitat: Around rock shorelines, reefs and mangroves. Depth 1-30 meters and can occupy some areas for many years.

Adaptions of a Fish                                                  Adaptations of a Green Moray Eel

1) Gills                                                                       1) Mucus that protects against parasites and                                                                                                infectious bacteria

2) Backbone                                                            2) Its colors change over time allowing                                                                                                         camouflage

3) Ectothermic                                                           3) Long-snakelike body allows it to hide in                                                                                                       small cracks to surprise prey

4) Fins                                                                       4) Super developed sense of smell

5) Scales                                                                    5) Has a 2nd jaw


The Tiger Salamander can live for 12 to 15 years.

Native to North America

Common name: Tiger Salamander

Scientific name: Ambystoma tigrinum

Biome: Warm moist forest

Habitat: Live in deep burrows by ponds, slow streams or lakes.

Adaptations of an amphibian:                               Tiger Salamander Adaptations:

1) Born in water moves to land                                         1) Spots change slightly change color

2) Ectothermic                                                                         2) Use tongue to eat

3 Can breathe through skin                                              3) Webbed feet for swimming

4) Gills when young                                                             4) Can see well at night

5) Lungs when adult                                                             5) Have poison on their tail


The Komodo Dragon uses its tongue as a nose.

Common Name: Komodo Dragon

Scientific Name: Varanus komodoensis

Biome: Warm hot areas in either grasslands, savanna's, and tropical forests.

Habitat: In Indonesia islands by warm sand and trees/forests.

Adaptations of reptiles:                                                      Adaptations of komodo dragons:

1) Scales                                                                                1) Bacteria in mouth to kill prey

2) Ectothermic                                                                   2) Small hears for good hearing

3) Lungs                                                                               3) Strong neck muscles to tear prey

4) Eggs                                                                                 4) Strong claws to rip prey apart

5) Backbone                                                                        5) Long tail for balance


The Rockhopper Penguin is one of the worlds smallest penguins.

Common name: Rockhopper Penguin

Scientific name: Eudyptes chrysocome

Biome: Tundra

Habitat: Live among the shorelines of islands north of Antarctica.

Adaptations of birds                                                         Adaptations of penguins

1) Endothermic                                                   1) Beak for protection

2) Wings                                                             2) Wings for swimming

3) Beak                                                                3) Can jump from rock to rock

4) Vertebrate                                                     4) Layer of fat under the skin acts like a blanket

5) Feathers                                                         5) Water proof feathers


With the Snow leopard's large paws they can walk on snow.

Endangered Animal: Snow leopard

Common name: Snow leopard

Scientific name: Panthera unica

Biome: Central Asia Himalayan Alpine Moutains

Habitat: Live in high rugged mountains in central Asia.

Adaptions of mammals                                                Adaptations of Snow leopards

1) Body hair or fur                                                            1) Fur

2) High developed brain and nervous system          2) Huge paw

3) Endothermic                                                                3) Long tail

4) Special teeth                                                                4) Well-developed chest to get air from                                                                                               the thin air.

5) 4 chambered heart                                                     5) Enlarged nasal cavity that warms air                                                                                                 they breathe

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