The pope Gelasius II

Pope Gelasius II Birthdate: Gaeta , Italy 1060

Death Date: January 29 , 1119 was born as  giovanna conilo/caetani or John of gaeta was successor to pope paschal II Gelasius was born noble family  the caetani family . later he was taken to rome  while he was monk to monte cassino. in 1088 he was made papal subdeacon.some time later he was made chancellor of the holy roman  church; frfom 1089-1118

     Who was the last british pope to be elected before 2000?

Adrain IV. He was born Nicholas Breakspear and was elected in 1154

There was only three african popes who came from north Africa there names are Victor(183-203) Gelauis (492-496) and Miltiades or Melchiades (311-314) All of them became saints

by Antwain dunston / George brown

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