Do you have nothing to do on Halloween? Then come to Lola's Halloween Party!

Lola's Halloween Party

Avon Park Avon Indiana, West of Danville, East  of Speedway ,North of Plainfield , South of  Lebanon. 39 degrees 47' 51.8568 North,86 degrees 23' 30.7536 West.

We will be doing alot of Halloween activities , like a contest of carving pumpkins, and making scary potions (cool drinks).In order to get in you have to have a costume it can be scary it could be funny,family friendly,even of your best friend all you have to do is wear a costume.This is 3.00 for kids under 12 and 4 dollars per kid over 12. adults are 4 dollars also.Here we are going to have scary foods(normal but cool), we will have pepperoni zombies ( mini pizzas) cheesecake brains (cheesecake) mixed witches ( trail mix) cotton cats (cotton candy) and much more! We will have drinks there but its a dollar a soda and everything else is free! Some drinks that are free are rotten brains (floats), bug juice ( grape juice) and many more! now come on down to Lola's Halloween party!

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