Road to Civil War

                                                                   Ormani Muckle

Manifest Destiny

Popular believe amongst Americans, starting in the 1840's, that all the land to the west naturally belonged to them

Significant because it led to the settling of many states and the famous gold rush

Caused northern and southern states to dash west in hopes of settling either a free or slave state

Reform Movements

Abolitionism - anti-slavery movement that fought to end slavery or stop its expansion

Women's Rights - fight to make women equal in society to men

Public Schools - movement to improve the education of children due to the fact that they would one day run the country

Temperance - reform (mostly advocated by women) started to completely due away with legal alcohol consumption

Prisons - reform started to improve conditions and to rehabilitate prisoners instead of simply imprisoning them

Utopian Communities - movement started on the belief that humans could live perfectly in small communities amongst similar people

Fugitive Slave Law (1850)

Captured runaway slaves had to be returned back to bondage without a proper trial

Significant because slaves could no longer simply "make it to the north" and because          free blacks were captured due to their inability to testify

Helped the South because they could retain more slaves; Some northern states made laws to help protect the blacks in the north

Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852)

Anti-slavery novel by Harriet Beecher that Abraham Lincoln referred to as the cause of the Civil War

Significant because of its impact and the fact that it made slavery a moral issue

Helped the North and abolitionists with their fight; Devastated the South because it woke more people up to how wrong slavery was

Kansas & Nebraska Act (1854)

Repealed the Missouri Compromise and allowed both Kansas and Nebraska to vote on whether or not to be slave states

Significant because it did away with the rules of the 36-30 line

Made the South happy because because they could expand slavery; Devastated the North because they thought the 36-30 would always prevent slavery in northern states

Dred Scott Decision (1857)

Supreme Court decision that African-Americans could not sue in court because they were not considered citizens of America

Significant because the decision angered many and only added to the fight for abolition

The North was extremely angry because this case promoted slavery; Therefore the South was grateful for the decision because it helped them greatly

Transcontinental Railroads (1869)

Very long railroads that connected the West and East

Significant because it greatly improved transportation and allowed more settling in the West

Both the North and the South wanted these badly because they were still trying to settle in the West

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