Bi-Polar Disorder

A.K.A Manic-depressive illness

  • What is it?

It is a brain disorder that causes sever elevated mood swings and affects more then 3 million people just in the United States. The severity can depend on how significant the psychosis is. Instead of the normal ups and downs a person will have, people with this disorder can go from extremely happy, to having thoughts of suicide. Though that is an extreme case.

  • Symptoms

People with this disorder will most likely experience something called an "episode" which is a drastic change of feeling. For example you might be feeling very happy and excited, and then the next moment you feel sad and hopeless. Sometimes you get a burst of anger, or of mixed emotions. Other symptoms would include loss of sleep, or not feeling tired, losing interests in activities that were enjoyable, behaving impulsively, and thought of suicide.

  • Is it treatable?

Yes, it can be treated but not cured. Treatment can be very effective through medication and psychotherapy. You have to consult your doctor to chose the right medication for you. Since this disorder can not be cured the treatment will have to be long term, but it is said to really help people get a hold of their feelings and be able to control themselves better.

  • More information

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