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Active Residential demolition in Sydney provides a quality service to Residential, Industrial and Commercial clients in Sydney. From small domestic demolition works and asbestos removal contracts to complete house demolitions. From part demolition and small industrial and commercial strip outs to full factory demolitions. No job is too big or too small, we are happy to offer quotations on all aspects of the demolition and asbestos removal for your project. All Active demolition companies in Sydney staffs are trained and accredited in the safe removal of Asbestos, a deadly and hazardous material.

Demolition in Sydney staffs has completed an Occupational Health & Safety Induction course and is fully accredited. A Work Cover Sydney accredited and approved Demolition Supervisor is on site at all times during the demolition and asbestos removal process. We believe that our staff should and do carry out the work as if it was being carried out on their own property, and understanding the importance of safety, not only for the staff but also the clients, their families and their neighbors. Whether you are an owner builder or a property developer, you will find everything you need with Active demolition.

Services provided range from Residential demolition resurfacing and tree uprooting to bonded asbestos removal. We make sure the cost to knock down a house does not outrun the expected budget. Our demolition and removal procedures are of the best and outmost highest standards, and are carried out in the most efficient manner possible. From home knock downs to house knock downs, whatever the requirement, our demolishing company provides the best services and guarantees to exceed expectations. Being one of the most esteemed demolishing companies around, our timely and high quality services are suited to tailor to your every need.

Although house knock downs are of complex nature, our team has mastered the trade and provides top-notch services. The same can be said for core Residential demolition and excavation services, and also other home knock down services. We have worked on some of the most challenging excavation projects in Sydney. A deep excavation in sandstone rock & saw cutting is our specialization.

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