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Class Opinion

Agree: 10

God is trying to test us

God is trying to make us stronger through lessons.

Suffering could be part of God's plan

Disagree: 17

God is kind and merciful and he wouldn't make us suffer

Some suffering is so great that it doesn't make sense for it to be a punishment from God

If suffering is from God, it's not meant as a punishment but to make us stronger.

Kushner's Argument

This is primarily to defend God and transform bad into good, but it doesn't explain suffering (Kushner 27).

Theological Implications

Pessimistic view of God because it portrays him as an all-powerful and ruthless leader as opposed to someonethat is kind and forgiving.

Worldview: people may act out of fear instead of reverence because they are afraid of God.

Discussion Question

Is all suffering meaningful/beneficial for people?

Comment Stream

2 years ago

I agree that God would not be merely testing us by making us suffer. As taught to us throughout our Catholic education, God is our Father is out to protect us.