Top View Tours

Top View tours offers the best hd quality video recordings and aerial photography of your Property, Farm, Small holding, Holiday resort, Game lodge etc.

Aerial Photos

We use the Freedom drone, its a high tech custom built drone that can fly up to an altitude of 600 meters which allows us to get the whole view of the farm the client wants to sell.

The fly over of the farm will show everything on the video recording for example the houses, dams, rivers, animals, fences, roads, hides, rivers, camped areas etc

We offer: Aerial videos, photography and Virtual tours

This is the perfect opportunity to market your property or business on your own website. The customer can view the whole property from above. The virtual tours helps to view a 360 degree video of the inside of the property like the inside of the chalets or farm house.

Its saves time and money for everyone to get the whole picture from above and to see the entire farm on the website before the client has even been there!

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